The time is now & now is the time

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The time is now & now is the time

I am not sure exactly where to start this entry, but I’ll try and make this all make sense. Today’s been one of the rare days of crystal clear clarity for me in what often feels like a haze of confusion and perplexity. I’m one of those types that thinks, incessantly about anything and everything – mainly just because I can. I celebrate it sometimes and other times I curse it under my breath. I want to share something with you, the reader, that can positively and profoundly change your life from this moment forward if you let it. This is the time, right here and right now, to let fear go. All of it! Stay with me now… I mean that, literally.

Fear is the enemy of now when you think about it. Fear is the force or energy that drives us to spend endless amounts of time mulling over the future we’re always so strategically trying to forecast and control to our hearts desire. Or perhaps fear takes the form of regret or remorse for a thing of the past. Time traveling is a specialty of us humans, we’re practically experts at it. Planning for something always to come, reminiscing of a time gone by. Rarely do we live here, now, in this moment.

This moment is all there is… quite literally. You cannot know anything more than you know right now, and you cannot be anything more or less than you are right now. You’re here, right now, reading these words while an entire universe exists all around you; every bit of it in a constant state of flux and motion that seemingly defies the emptiness and darkness it exists within – a place of quite and stillness. No, instead we find ourselves hurling through space and time on our little blue planet experiencing this moment, or not, and taking with it the many blessings it brings, or not.

If you were one in a million, then in the United States alone there would be about 300 of you. In a world of 7 billion people, there would be approximately 7,000 you’s living right now – at this moment. And yet despite this, you are unique and exclusive to all the world, through all of the time it’s existed, and ultimately to all of the universe too. Nothing else, anywhere or within any time or space has existed or ever will exist that is you – right here and right now. Nothing can ever share the unique and eclectic experiences you’ve had. Nothing could be you or think like you in the way you uniquely do. You’re a genuine miracle in an absolutely insanely chaotic place. You won the lottery… you just didn’t know it.

When you realize that now is the moment of power in your life, you realize a lot of things with it. You realize fear is the proverbial enemy if you let it in or hold onto it. You realize everything, EVERYTHING, is temporary – in a state of motion and flux from one thing and form to another. You realize you were never truly born, and thus that you can never truly die. You realize the miracle of the elements in your body at this moment, and the fortunate ability you possess to be cognitively aware of them in this very real moment – that these things are a thing of beauty in and of itself. You realize and understand this perhaps in a profound way you never have before.

You own nothing in this world, you never have or will -- and nothing in return owns you. All energy is borrowed as it were, dancing in motion with the universe, right here and right now. The molecules of your left hand, formed in one star, contrasting with the molecules of your right hand, formed in a much more distant star couldn’t be more different and yet still the same – the same within you. Amazing, the word just doesn’t do it justice does it?

You realize now; there is no time – that it’s an illusion. You realize there is now and there is motion (action) within now. Energy goes where attention flows. The ebb and flow of energy around you and even within you, in all the many forms it takes, are the only ‘time’ that has ever existed and ever will. There is a limitless amount of ‘time’ when you live in the now – a limitless amount of energy too. There is no beginning or end in the now, and there is nothing to fret over or to burden yourself with. You are completely and absolutely free when you live in the now.

I dare you now to chase fear from the shadows of your life in this very moment. I beg of you to cast it now from your mind, body, soul and spirit and to truly free yourself of its shackles and chains. Maybe you understand this now and maybe you do not. Maybe this makes all kinds of sense, and maybe it does not. Never underestimate the power of denial. Never underestimate the power of your fear. But never, ever, not even for a second forget that now is more powerful than anything you have ever experienced or ever will again. Now is THE moment – the only moment - in a timeless world and universe.

Breath it all in, and think it all through. When you realize what I have and if you can remember in each moment that THAT very moment is all that matters, you’ll find yourself there – and oh quite literally. Twelve years ago I believed I had an experience, a profound life changing experience, one that shifted my entire paradigm… and I believed this because I thought I was in a special place at a special moment.

No! I was merely in a place and space where I was quite enough to listen, and bold enough to hear the truth I’d always known – all in the NOW. That ultimately, this ‘time,’ here and now, is all I have. I can choose to either experience it all to the fullest, or to be indefinitely afraid in a state of fear, but never both.

What do you choose, right now? What do you believe in, right now? What will you become, right now? What, no… who … who are YOU, right now?

And, now… what are you going to DO about it?

Always in motion, forever is now.


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