Entrepreneur Lessons of Time

Professional experiences as an entrepreneur

Occasionally I have something on my mind that prompts me to speak out. Below are a collection of some of my thoughts through the years; topics vary widely of course - that's just how my brain works. Some of the topics below are indeed very personal to me, perhaps even very raw in nature - and I hope those reading won't hold that against me or be offended by my candid remarks. I genuinely believe in speaking out about the topics we deal with, the situations we experience, and the way we feel about the world we live in. To me, there is nothing more authentic than being yourself - and staying true to that, always. I hope you enjoy both my Professional and Personal Articles.

Focusing your energy on what matters

John C. Derrick May 14 2013 Comments

Recently I had a very enlightening discussion with a good friend in Hawaii who told me that, “You have to focus your energy toward what matters.” It sounds simple enough, but how often do we really do this in our every day lives? It’s so…

Discovering yourself

John C. Derrick January 08 2013 Comments

APIAAW Assessment Releasing the Authentic Self A short evaluation tool to help you determine your ‘element(s).’ This short assessment tool was developed using inspiration from the works of Dr. Serge Kahili King’s, ‘Discovering your Hidden…

The age of the Apple

John C. Derrick January 25 2011 Comments

 In the grand scheme of things, I'm an Apple and Mac n00b (newbie). I've only recently joined the club (or cult, however you see it) of Apple fanatics who swoon at the latest news/release of a new gadget or gizmo from the company. But it all…

Green Energy… Why Not?

John C. Derrick January 24 2011 Comments

Nearly two and a half years ago I made a blog entry about Green Energy that, in reading again today, made me want to ask the same question... Why Not? I'm still waiting for a good reason we shouldn't explore alternative energy. Below I've…

Mac Fan Boy, sorta, much? ... How did this happen?

Mac Fan Boy, sorta, much? ... How did this happen?
John C. Derrick January 20 2011 Comments

For years they were the people that absolutely, without a doubt, drove me crazy... they are the very people I founded a Windows enthusiast website (pronetworks.org) to stand tall against... Mac Fan Boys!!  There wasn't a Mac in my…